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Welcome to my world, a world full of spices!

Thank you for your visit and giving me the opportunity to share my travel stories with you!

My name is Malgorzata Drewniak; I come from Poland but I consider myself a citizen of the world.

As an oversensitive and introvert child, I used to panic when a school trip was organized to a city nearby, but at the very same time I started dreaming of visiting faraway lands on the other side of the planet.

I did take me a while before I had enough courage to pack my bags and start travelling solo, but I have never stopped since then.

I feel a special bond with Africa, Asia and Latin America.

I love nature, so I feel the best when surrounded by world’s pristine beauty – extensive landscapes and  wildlife.

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As my awareness grows, I do pay attention to the impact we as humans have on this planet and I believe in ECO tourism, so:

  • I support local communities: stay with locals, buy local products, eat local food, use local transport and try local attractions when I travel
  • I show respect to the people and different cultures – we all have the same dreams and concerns after all!
  • I do not pay for attractions involving interaction with the wild species; elephant riding, tiger cuddling, petting newborn cubs, lion walking, dolphin shows, etc. (I did that a couple of times in the past, but I have learned that they all involve animal torture at some stage).
  • I choose quality over quantity, so my intention is not to collect as may stamps in my passport as possible. If one is focusing on breaking another world record in visiting the largest number of countries in the shortest possible time; is there a moment  for reflection? I doubt.
  • I am vegetarian (aspiring vegan) – not only when travelling 🙂 …Because I think it is a shame that developed countries in XXI century treat other living beings as things.

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Why Myhappytea?

I like using a lots of different flavours in my kitchen.

I also make sometimes some sort of cooking experiments and test recently acquired skills on my loved ones.
I’ve once offered a tea full of spices to some good friends of mine; something like indian chai masala alike. A pinch of ginger, cardamom and cloves did the trick; they absolutely loved it and since that day we keep calling it “a happy tea” (as a the opposite to a commonly used  version “standard”:)

Travelling and photography are also sort of a “happy tea” to me.  A camera became my constant companion ever since I started wandering the world. My passion for photography emerged from my love to travels and these two are inseparable for me right now.They both, especially combined together, give me a great sense of freedom and personal accomplishment, an opportunity to run away from a daily routine, taste the extraordinary, feel deeper and understand more.

Myhappytea is a site about short and long distance travels, my passion to these fleeting moments and personal discoveries that can be experienced only when being on the road.
In my travel stories I try to share as much information and as many emotions as possible, but my main goal is to capture that particular “taste” of each place, that “mixture of spices”, which makes it one of a kind.

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Hope you enjoy!

Małgorzata Drewniak

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  1. Wonderful to read a little more about you Malgorzata, & already feel like we have so much in common!!
    I LOVE the name ‘My Happy Tea’ and all that it means to you 🙂
    Looking forward to following your journey in this world & sharing in your experiences!!

    1. Thank you, Nat! Really appreciate your comments 🙂

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